Product photos for packaging or catalog. And prototypes photographed for promotional material. We do click and pull web images according to your specs.

Those same product photos done in a location showing use or application. We can take cover shots and call out images as well as instruction photos for operating products according to manufacturers specifications.

Many companies are using computer-based learning to train their associates. We can help you with descriptive images for those training needs. Regulations are on everything in business and training how to be compliant is a large part of business today. I can help with any images to help with that training as well.

Aerial Drone Images
Video 4K images and still 12 Megapixel from Yancee Typhoon H
Prices vary with the job. Can provide raw footage for editing.
I support my clients with images and keep an extensive set of backups. And also use FTP type services to transfer files. Also, have the capability to burn to CD DVD or Blue Ray.

Additional Options
I am open to all kinds of options at your request.